Monthly Archives: September 2012

Cannot Catch

Our black pug, Kento, is not good at catching…

Point Isabel

An occasional part of this blog will be to introduce dog-friendly places.  To kick off this category, we would like to introduce Point Isabel Regional Shoreline.

Sink or Swim… or Use the Life Vest

With their dense, broad bodies and short legs, pugs are not the most skilled swimmers.  Let’s face it, the genetics are just not there.  However, Kento doesn’t let that stop him.  He loves it!  We started him out in a … Read More »

How It Began…

Sometime, somewhere the pug life picked us.  I can’t pinpoint the exact moment we got sucked in.  It overtook us without warning and long before we became pug parents. Regardless, we are proud to be “pug people”.