Sink or Swim… or Use the Life Vest

Sink or Swim... or Use The Life Vest

With their dense, broad bodies and short legs, pugs are not the most skilled swimmers.  Let’s face it, the genetics are just not there.  However, Kento doesn’t let that stop him.  He loves it!  We started him out in a life vest, otherwise his butt sank faster than a brick.

“Black Pug Loves Swimming”

Now after a couple summers of practice, he can swim short distances without a vest.

Kento Swimming

Kento Swimming

Moka, on the other hand, is not that impressed with water.  She puts up with baths, hates rain, and thinks swimming is only a tool to get out of the water as fast as she can.

“Brindle Pug (Bugg) First Time Swimming”

Moka Swimming


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