We visited Napa Valley with our two pugs and found a pet goods store, “Fideaux” in St. Helena.

Fideaux in St. Helena, CA

It is a charming store located in downtown of St. Helana, CA.

We went in with our two pugs.

There were lots of designer collars, leashes, beds and other pet goods,
and most importantly (for our pugs) lots of treats!

Some of their treats were in baskets on the floor,
and of course that made our pugs quite excited.

Our pugs helped themselves a bit… and one of the workers gave them even more samples 🙂

They also carry some healthy pet foods like Orijen.

This store is very cute and their workers are very friendly and helpful.

We already went back once but definitely will go back again!


Moka's Collar from Fideaux
We were looking for a cute collar for Moka, and found this one!

Treats from Fideaux
We went back to this store and bought these treats for their birthdays 😀
The heart shaped ones are grain free, and the other ones are peanut butter flavored.
We have a lot more than these in the picture!


Napa Valley:  1312 Main Street, St. Helena, CA 94574   » View on Google Map
Sonoma County:  43 North Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448   » View on Google Map


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