Monthly Archives: November 2012

ToughPug Stamp

We visited Japan last month and while we were there, we special ordered a custom stamp with our original TOUGHPUG logo!

Fart Busters Update

We bought the dog treats “Fart Busters” 3 weeks ago and have been giving them to our pugs to help with that certain issue which occasionally comes up between us, especially with Moka.

Couch Manners

Do your pugs have couch manners?

Field of Grass

On Black Friday, we didn’t want to join the craziness and go shopping.  We took the pugs for a peaceful trip to the local grassy field instead.

Giving Thanks

On this day of Thanksgiving, we must not forget to thank our pugs for all they do.

Pugs on Parade

Pug Rescue of Sacramento and friends will be at the 56th Annual Los Gatos Children’s Christmas/Holidays Parade marching with a band of festive pugs.  Well, honestly most of the pugs probably won’t march the whole way.  Perhaps it is better … Read More »

Are Pugs Easy to Train?

Let’s put it this way, they are easy to bribe.  Pugs as a breed can be quite stubborn, but with proper “motivation”, most pugs will listen to commands and learn tricks relatively quickly.

Leather Pug Keychains

There are quite a lot of pug goods out there for pug people to enjoy.  This is one of our personal favorites.  These keychains are made by a Japanese leather craft company called VANCA CRAFT.  We bought these two keychains … Read More »

Pugs in Commercials

Check out a few TV commercials from around the world starring pugs!

Custom Pug Clothes: Kento’s Quilted Vest

We had a lot of fun sewing their Halloween costumes this year.  So we decided, since it is so hard to find clothes to fit a pug’s body type, that we would start making custom clothes for our pugs.