What’s That Aroma?


Moka is a sweet, dainty girl.  She is polite and reserved, hates mud, and appreciates the finer things in life, like fluffy couch cushions.  However, every lady has a dark side, in Moka’s case, a silent, dark side.  Yes, despite trying different foods, Moka farts without shame and without a sound.  Sometimes, it makes me want to jump from the car.  Even moving at freeway speed, I feel that is the better alternative.  So when we found this at a pet store, we could not pass it up.

It is a treat made in Northern California from free-range chicken and comes with a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes that are supposed to aid in digestion.

The enzyme powder comes in a separate packet and is supposed to be sprinkled over the treats.

Kento Sniffing
It smells great according to Kento 🙂

Digestive Enzymes
Sprinkling the enzyme powder over the treats..

Powder Mixed!
Now it’s ready!!

Let me see...
Let me see… still smells good.

Moka Tasting Fart Busters
Now Moka tasting Fart Busters.
Ya, You’re the one who needs the most.

Fart Busters is pug taste approved.  Kento and Moka both loved it so much.  We will keep you posted as to whether or not it is effective or if flowers come out from her butt like the bag suggests.


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