Fart Busters Update

Fart Busters Update

We bought the dog treats “Fart Busters” 3 weeks ago and have been giving them to our pugs to help with that certain issue which occasionally comes up between us, especially with Moka.

Please see the earlier post about “Fart Busters”.
» What’s That Aroma?

Moka on Fart Busters

We gave both our pugs roughly 3 of these treats a day.  They immediately became their favorite treat.  We now can’t even use the words “Fart Buster” without Kento’s eyes getting big and him spinning around in excited circles about our feet.  Obviously, our pugs find them to be absolutely delicious.

Did they solve the “issue”?  Yes and no.  Does Moka still fart with no shame? Yes.  Do I still want to jump out of a moving car to save myself from the smell?  No.  Most of the time the “psssst” now goes thankfully undetected by our noses.

As a note, if you decide to buy these, these treats unlike most other dog treats, need to be refrigerated after opening.  It says on the back of the package next to the ingredients but we didn’t notice at first.


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