Monthly Archives: December 2012

Treats from Japan

A friend visited from Japan and brought our pugs a souvenir.  It was their favorite kind of gift… treats.  The flavors were very uniquely Japanese: natto (fermented soy beans) and Japanese sweet potato.

Rainy Day Pugs

It is always a little sad when our pugs get all excited about going for a walk and we open the door to a rainy day.  They immediately stop dead in their tracks and their hopeful faces dishearten into droopy … Read More »

Merry Christmas

Our pugs still believe in the magic of Christmas.  When else, but a magical day, are they allowed and encouraged to tear open things wrapped in paper and eat what’s inside?

Funny Pugs at A Dog Park

We found old videos of cute and funny pugs from a local dog park.

Snow Eaters

Our pugs love to eat snow…

Distracted by the Falling Snow

As we posted before, Kento will do anything for treats… except catch them. (See our earlier post: » Cannot Catch)

Christmas Cards

For all those people who want to spread a little pug love with their holiday cheer, here are a few pug Christmas cards.  All of these cards were found at a local Target store.

Snow Trip with Pugs

It’s the season for snow.  Well… not where we live in California.  So we had to go look for it.  We drove into the Sierras to Pinecrest, CA and stayed at a cabin there for the weekend.

Snoring Communication

We’re fairly certain our pug can communicate with aliens… or that he is a spirit medium.

Christmas Tree Hunting

Last weekend we drove a bit out of the way to a tree farm where you can pick out and cut down your own Christmas tree and also has lots of extra fun family activities.  We, of course, took our … Read More »