Fun at Pugtacular!

Fun at Pugtacular!

Pugtacular, held by the Northern California Pug Club, was yesterday, Dec 2, 2012, in Alamo CA.  It was a pug-packed good time.  The building was full of snorting, squealing, and the frantic click clack of pug nails on the wood floor as games and silly contests ensued.

Many baskets full of pug goods, gift certificates to pug friendly vets, dog toys, beds, etc… were raffled off.  Santa also made an appearance for photo ops with the pugs.  He was rewarded with cookies for coming.  I guess Santa has something in common with pugs.

Proceeds from this event benefited the NCPC Pug Health Fund and Pug Rescue.

Kento and Moka joined some of the contests, but unfortunately didn’t win any.  Kento tried for “Best Trick” and performed his “play dead” trick.  His ability to completely focus in on the treat and block out all the people and pugs around him was mildly astonishing.  He lost to a pug who could say, “Hello”.  Kento was also pulled into the “Curliest Tail” contest, although his tail is only within the normal level of curliness.  Moka joined the “Best Kisser” contest.  She typically is a non-stop kisser, but got performance shy.

Other contests/events included: pug agility, best costume, best lap pug, and races.


A pug friendly vet gives tips on pug health.

Pug Rescue of Sacramento came with some pugs up for adoption, and had a small booth selling goods to help their cause.

Princess Daisy trying the obedience/agility course.

Kento joining the Curliest Tail Contest.  He made sure everyone could see it.

Lots of pug entered the Costume Contest!

He won the contest!!

Pugs were playing and hanging out together everywhere.

Photo with Santa!
We had their photo taken with Santa!

The pug races were the biggest, most exciting part of this event!  There were separate divisions divided by age.

“Pug Races at Pugtacular 2012 in Alamo, CA”

With the parade and Pugtacular back to back this weekend, Kento and Moka formed a deeper bond with the couch.  Last night we made the mistake of disturbing Moka and received a death stare like none other than we have witnessed.  When a weekend ends with exhausted pugs, we know it was a good one.

Northern California Pug Club:
PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento):


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