Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Button-Up Shirt

Custom Pug Clothes: Moka's Button-Up Shirt

Continuing with our custom pug clothes line, we made a button-up shirt for Moka.

You may have seen a preview of this shirt on our “Fun at Pugtacular” post.  Moka debuted her new fashion at this event 😀

Moka's Button-Up Shirt

Moka in New Shirt

Moka in New Shirt

Moka in New Shirt

Back Side
You can’t really see in the picture but we made sure to put the hole for the leash at harness height instead of the common collar height.

Here are some outtakes from our photo shoot:

Outtake 1: Tongue in your mouth!
Moka trying out her original pose 😛

Outtake 2: You don't need to stand up^^;
You were supposed to just look up, not jump up and steal the treat…

Some models are hard to work with…!!

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