Snow Trip with Pugs

Snow Trip with Pugs

It’s the season for snow.  Well… not where we live in California.  So we had to go look for it.  We drove into the Sierras to Pinecrest, CA and stayed at a cabin there for the weekend.

Kento has gone on many snow trips and absolutely loves it, while this is only Moka’s second experience with snow and she wonders why it has to be so cold.  Our pugs live on different ends of the temperature spectrum.  Kento overheats easily, enjoys laying on cold tile, sitting in front of a fan, and eating ice cubes.  Moka, on the other hand, enjoys sunbathing, sitting under a heating vent and snuggling under blankets.

Saturday we spent the day outside hiking in the snow and enjoying the winter scenery.  Kento was in crazy pug mode most of the outing.  He bunny hopped through deep snow, charged in circles, and snapped at falling snowflakes.  Moka took a few steps and actually found something she quite liked about snow… eating it.  She then promptly decided she was too cold.  We were prepared for this and she spent the rest of the hike wrapped in a blanket being carried like a princess.  She was very satisfied with this.

Pinecrest, CA

Pinecrest, CA

Pinecrest Lake
Cold day at Pinecrest Lake.

Kento running around in the snow!
What Kento does in the snow.

Eating eating eating...
What Moka does in the snow… eats it.

Now I'm cold...!!
Moka got cold right away, so we wrapped her up.

More excited!
Kento kept playing in the snow and got more and more excited.

Kento in the Snow

Kento in the Snow

Moka getting warm and comfy...^^
Moka stayed warm and comfy.

Finally back in the car!
Back in the car.  Someone turn the heater on!

Snow is cold... but I love eating it!
Snow is cold… but I love eating it!

nom nom nom…

Warm... ready to nap.
After playing in the snow, the pugs were ready to nap in front of the fireplace.  This became Moka’s favorite spot of the weekend.

Best Spot

Giant Pine Cone!!
We found this pine cone on our hike.  It is almost “pug-sized”!

Our weekend complied into two minutes
“Snow Trip with Pugs”


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