Rainy Day Pugs

Rainy Day Pugs

It is always a little sad when our pugs get all excited about going for a walk and we open the door to a rainy day.  They immediately stop dead in their tracks and their hopeful faces dishearten into droopy lips of disappointment.

When we first got Kento, it was in the middle of California’s short rainy season and he did not like going out in the rain, nor did we enjoy walking out in the rain every few hours for potty training to keep repeating, “Go potty, go potty” while he stared at us with mild resentment and defiance.  So, a little desperate, we bought him a rain jacket.  Amazingly, this did the trick.  Kento now has no problem going out into wet weather as long as he’s wearing a jacket.

Of course, when Moka came along and obviously did not approve of rain, we got her a rain jacket as well, thinking that’ll do the trick.  Ya… not quite as amazing of a result, but it helps.


“Are you sure we are going for a walk?”

Moka: “Are you crazy!?  I’m NOT playing with you now!  It’s raining!”


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