Monthly Archives: January 2013

Shake It!

The wet pug shake gets lips, ears, and wrinkles flying.  It also brings out crazy eyes and crooked teeth.  We love these action shots!

Pug Modesty

Pugs are a prideful breed full of dignity and modesty. They always make sure to sit prim and proper.

Pug Stalkers

Sometimes we get the feeling we are being watched…

Black Pug Stationery

We found these note cards at a gift shop in San Francisco and were excited to see black pugs represented instead of only fawn.  Since it is not as common to find black pug goods, we had to buy them!

Dog Stroller, “Dogger”

According to some people, we may have gone overboard, but why would we care.  We ordered a stroller for our pugs and it came in the mail today!  After researching quite a bit online, one stroller stood out to us, … Read More »

César Chávez Park

This is a wonderful place to spend time with the pugs outside of the house.

Skateboarding Pug

Random short pug video.  Very cute!

Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Quilted Vest

We resized the vest pattern we designed for Kento, and made a matching one for Moka.  Moka seems to be able to handle cold weather a bit better with this quilted, fully lined vest.

Parked and Recharging

Pugs have a parking/recharging ritual which is commonly practiced at all moments the pug is not in motion.  The position does not always appear comfortable to onlooking eyes, but nevertheless, the chin rest is classic pug mode of operation.


We often search for small day expeditions to go on with our pugs.