A Day at the Bay Area Pet Expo

A Day at the Bay Area Pet Expo

Dogs of all shapes and sizes walked amongst crowds of people at the Bay Area Pet Expo today.

It was a huge event with over 150 booths filling two exhibit halls at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds.  Exhibitors included many different rescue groups for all different breeds of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, chinchillas, and even rats.  Also, vets, pet photographers/painters, and custom shops exhibited.  There were many freebees and raffles to enter.

California Chinchilla Rescue Booth

Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society Booth

PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento) Booth

Love & Second Chances Booth

Rocket Dog Rescue Booth

Happy Trails Dog Packs Booth

Jus’ Fur Me (Dog Apparel)

While there were other animals present, most booths centered on the dog life from doggy fashion, food, training, daycare and grooming to even dog vacation planning.  There were agility courses and a swimming pool set up for adventurous dogs to try out.

A visiting French Bulldog trying one of the agility courses.

Some dogs were just playing but there was also a contest measuring the dog who jumped the furthest.

We watched a couple of dog training and agility demonstrations and part of a rat trick show.

Some photos from the Bite Work Demo, presented by California K9 Solutions:

Teaching an Old Rat New Tricks! Demo, presented by Rat Assistance & Teaching Society

There were many shows/demonstrations that we missed or couldn’t take photos of, including Solving Cat Behavior Challenges, Pet CPR and First Aid, Pet Talent Show, Pet Costume Contest and more.

With so many people and dogs crammed into one place, we decided it might be better to leave our pugs at home.  Seeing and meeting many cute dogs, of course, made us miss spending the day with our puggies.  So, we had to bring them back some souvenirs.

We came across the Maggie and Margot booth and found a very friendly women sitting behind a sewing machine making custom collars.  The designs were cute and we immediately wanted to buy a new collar for Moka.  She already got her last one hopelessly, irreversibly dirty.  We found a perfect replacement.

We picked the blue chevron and watched while she made it in Moka’s size.

We bought Kento a bomber jacket at the Jus’ Fur Me booth.  The designer was very helpful in picking out a good size for a pug and even gave us her contact info in case we got home and found the fit wasn’t right.  She said we could exchange it if need be.

It’s a good fit and he seems to like it.

We had a great time and will definitely go again next time it is local enough to attend.


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