Dog Stroller, “Dogger”

Dog Stroller "Dogger"

According to some people, we may have gone overboard, but why would we care.  We ordered a stroller for our pugs and it came in the mail today!  After researching quite a bit online, one stroller stood out to us, the “Dogger“.

It was important to us to find a quality all-terrain stroller, but also one with easy mobility for crowded city streets.  The “Dogger” offers that plus can be used as a jog stroller.  The carriage fits two pugs nicely and has a metal support beam all the way around for added security.  The top can be closed, folded back or portions can be unzipped and removed.  It also comes with a rain cover.

We ordered directly from based in Canada.  They shipped it quickly and it arrived safely.

We immediately tore open the box, easily snapped the wheels on, and loaded the pugs for a short trial walk to a local cafe.  Kento immediately found a chin rest and made himself at home.  Moka seemed a little unsure at first, but quickly realized she had found the good life.

While our pugs are not seniors yet, and they don’t have any mobility problems, they, like most middle-aged pugs, are not hardcore athletes and cannot handle long walks or hikes.  A busy city is also not a good place for them to walk as people are not always careful where they step.  We didn’t want to let these drawbacks keep us from spending the day with our pugs.  Why leave them at home, when we can pop them in the stroller and take them safely with us?

Of course, we can’t let our pugs become porkers either.  Our rule will be, if they can walk, they walk, otherwise they ride.


Unboxed.  So exciting!

Front wheel.  It’s huge!

Adjustable handle, showing highest and lowest positions.

The foldable front frame makes it easy for us to put our pugs in 😀

Two safety clips.

Front wheel can be locked to straight position to jog easier, or be unlocked to turn easier.  Moka, do you have to help?  You’re blocking the wheel…

All-terrain tires and great suspension.

Foot brake and fuzzy comfy shoe.  (Shoe not included.)

Rain cover on.

Dogger in folded position.


Let’s go out!

Kento was enjoying the ride and looking around at the scenery! …and occasionally checking our faces.

Really smooth.

We will do a follow-up review after we take it on a few more outings.

Check out these promotional videos on YouTube:


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