Hiking with the Dogger

Hiking with the Dogger

Our pugs are not sporty.  They cannot handle long walks or hikes.  So we got the Dogger™ dog stroller to help our pugs along and tried it out for a hike in the Diablo Foothills.

This stroller is manufactured by a Canadian company, Dog Quality.  In a previous post, we discussed the features of the Dogger™.  If you’re interested in reading the previous post, here is the link:
Dog Stroller, “Dogger”.

While we had taken the Dogger™ out for a few paved walks, this was our first off-road hike with the stroller.

As we stated in our earlier post, our rule with the stroller is, “If they can walk, they walk, otherwise they ride.”  We let the pugs walk, run, and play until they were tired and hot.  We didn’t have to worry about turning around and making it back to the car before the pugs ran out of gas.  When they were tired, we loaded them into the stroller and kept moving.  If we were walking through a sunny, hot stretch, we pulled the cover over the stroller for some shade.

With the treaded tires and suspension, the stroller handled the rocky dirt trails fairly easily, although sometimes our pugs decided to both lean their big butts to one side at the same time which caused the stroller to pull in that direction.

We came across a few places were a creek interrupted our path.  The water was less than a foot deep and the stroller probably could have rolled straight through it.  However, we decided to let the pugs out and carry the stroller over.  Luckily, it is extremely light weight.

We greatly enjoyed our hike with the Dogger™.  It made it so much easier and worry-free to bring the pugs along on this hike.

Here are some photos and a video from our hike:
(To read more information and see photos of Castle Rock and Diablo Foothills Regional Park, please see yesterday’s post: Castle Rock and Diablo Foothills Regional Park.)

“I heard there is an off-leash area.  Let’s go there!”

“Whoa!!  Did you just give Kento a treat over there!?”

Here is yours…

Kento appreciates the convenient window feature for watching Moka eat her treats from outside of the stroller.

“I will take an iced water.  Let me know when we get to the salon 😎 ”

Shot of a smoother part of the trail we were walking on with the stroller.

“Hiking with the Dogger”


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