Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter Cards

Easter is almost over but we hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. Here are a couple of Easter cards with pugs that we found at a local Target store.

Waldo Was Found

Our pugs found Waldo and what followed was shocking 😯

Pug Sunday, Walnut Creek on Mar. 10, 2013

As usual, Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek was a good time.  Kento and Moka enjoyed playing with other pugs 😀

St. Patrick’s Day Card

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday with lots of pugs and kisses 😀

Pug Sleeping Patterns: Bed

Pugs love to snuggle and sleep with their humans.  It sounds heartwarming and peaceful, doesn’t it?  Imagine a soft, warm cuddle buddy wrapped gently in your arms as your eyes close with the day.  Now, pop that dream bubble and … Read More »

Hiking with Pugs Means…

Hiking with pugs means otherwise quiet, peaceful trails are bombarded with an assortment of grunts and snorts.  Other hikers are often surprised by the sound.  We, of course, are so accustomed to it, that the absence is more disconcerting.