Waldo Was Found

Waldo Was Found

Our pugs found Waldo and what followed was shocking 😯

We received a care package from family in Japan which included a gift for Kento and Moka:

Two “Where’s Waldo?®” dog toys.

These are actually from an American company, Multipet International, Inc.

They are designed to hide treats under Waldo’s shirt 😀

OK, let’s try this.  Stuffing in a real treat…

Ready, set…

Face off.

“This toy smells really good.”

“Wait!  Is that a treat!?”

WARNING:  The pictures that follow may be shocking to some viewers.  Discretion is advised.


Oh, the horror!  Maybe we should have censored some of these photos…

Where’s Waldo?

We finally see the relationship between pugs and wolves.

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