Day at Furry Pet Faire Pt. 1

Day at Furry Pet Faire Pt. 1

We spent the morning into the afternoon volunteering at the Pug Rescue of Sacramento booth at the Furry Pet Faire in Concord, CA.  The event was organized by the Contra Costa Humane Society.  It was hard to believe this was the first time this small, but lively faire was held.  The event ran smoothly with lots of activities planned: parade, K9 demo, contests, dog zumba, and a raffle.

Rescue groups, vendors, trainers, and veterinarians had shaded booths, sharing information and giveaways.  PROS’ booth was very active with about 15 pugs, 5 up for adoption and the rest pug friends and PROS’ alumni.  We will post more about PROS at this event in a post to follow.

Check out some general and activity photos from this event:

Of course Kento and Moka joined this event!

New cross-breed?

Here are some photos from the parade:

Concord Police K9 Demonstration:

Photos from the contest:

Zumba for Dogs 😀 :


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