Day at Furry Pet Faire Pt. 2

Day at Furry Pet Faire Pt. 2

Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS)’s shaded booth at the Furry Pet Faire swarmed with grunting goodness as pugs of all ages spent the day together.  15 pugs filled out our crew: 5 currently up for adoption and the rest friends and alumni of PROS.

We reported about the activities of the fair yesterday and today it is time to introduce the pugs.

Meet Teddy Bear.  He came into PROS weighing almost 30lbs 😯 !  With a little diet and exercise, he is already on his way to a new healthy self.
See his profile on PROS’ website: Teddy Bear’s Page

This is Ali.  Named after Muhammad Ali, he came into PROS with heartworm, but fought his way to victory.  He is now healthy and looking for a forever home.
See his profile on PROS’ Website: Ali’s Page
Also see our previous post about Ali: Ali (Posted on Jan. 8, 2013)

This handsome guy’s name is Grover.  He will be ready for adoption soon.  Look for his profile to be posted on PROS’ website soon.

Meet Boston Blackie PI (left) and Missy (right).  They will be ready for adoption shortly.  Their profiles will be posted on PROS’ website when they are available.

The pugs hung out in a large x-pen and got a lot of attention from the event goers.  They happily received pats and neck rubs and oohs and ahhs.

This little girl loved Missy’s pink party dress.

Of course, Kento and Moka volunteered to help PROS as well.  Just look at how hard they are working.

Some more pug shots:

Love the tongue!

Moka shows her dainty side.

Grover’s day was quite fulfilling.  He is ready to go home and nap… or just nap.

Happy pug 😀

Our pugs rolled out in style, but not before saying their goodbyes.

Is that really the last impression you want to leave your friends with, Kento?!?!

[PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento)]
Twitter:  @PROSPugRescue


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