Monthly Archives: June 2013

6-Week-Old Pug

PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento) took in an abandoned 6-week-old pug on the day of the Yard Sale.  This pug is not up for adoption yet, but was just way too cute not to share some photos.

Day at Yard Sale

Pug Rescue of Sacramento held a yard sale today to raise funds for medical expenses.

Father’s Day Cards

Happy Father’s Day!  Here are some pug themed Father’s Day cards we found at a local store.

PROS Yard Sale & Fundraiser

Mark your calendar for June 22!! PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento) is hosting “Yard Sale and Medical Fundraiser” !!

Pug Sunday, Walnut Creek on Jun. 9, 2013

We spent the 2nd Sunday of the month following our usual tradition of Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek.