July 4th

July 4th

We celebrated the 4th of July in the most traditional of ways, a barbecue followed by fireworks.  Of course, we shared the celebrations with our pugs.  Fortunately, our pugs are not frightened by fireworks.

After filling ourselves with the tasty BBQ dinner, we headed to claim a spot on a grassy field for local fireworks.  We spread out a blanket to lounge on and also brought the dog stroller, so the pugs would have a private, protected space if they needed it.  The field was soon full of people on blankets and portable chairs.

As the sun went down and the time for fireworks grew near, we put Kento and Moka in the stroller, zipped it up, and threw a blanket over the top.  Within minutes loud snoring rumbled out and continued through most of the fireworks show, with a few lazy eye rolls at the banging.

The fireworks show was exciting and beautiful.  The perfect ending to the day.


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