Kento’s 7th Birthday

Kento's 7th Birthday

We can’t believe it.  Time flies.  It seems like not too long ago we brought home a 6 month old puppy and now, with a greying chin, our boy is turning 7.

He still runs like an uncoordinated puppy and still drools a little when he sleeps.  Sometimes he still surprises himself when he sneezes or farts and still likes to suck on his rope toy in bed.  He doesn’t act more mature at all, and so this birthday snuck up on us!

We tried to make the day special for him and baked some homemade organic peanut butter treats with a personalized message.  Not that the message mattered to him.  He just wanted the treats in his tummy as fast as possible.

Happy Birthday, Kento!!!


He’s so excited!!! (about the peanut butter treats…)


Can’t wait!!

Waiiiiiit… wai… hey!!

2 at once!? He’s showing his piggy side that he never hid before.

Of course Moka celebrates together 🙂

Happy Birthday, Kento!!!!


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