Trip to Venice, CA

Trip to Venice, CA

On the road with pugs means fur all over the car, the radio turned up over the snoring, and constantly having to explain to them that they can’t call shotgun.  We travel with our pugs often and always set up the back seat with a seat cover, comfy bed, and harness seat belts.  Last weekend we embarked on a 6 hour drive down to Southern California for a long weekend vacation with our pugs.  We stayed at a friend’s house in Venice.

We arrived in the afternoon and jumped into exploring Venice Beach and the boardwalk.  It was a crowded, unique afternoon.  There were many street vendors and performers trying to compete for attention.  At first we walked with Kento and Moka in the Dogger stroller.  People pointed at us and took photos of our pugs in their “chariette”.  I began to feel as though we were one of the street performers and should attach a collection bucket to the front of the stroller.  Kento and Moka loved the attention.

Ready to go!

Once Kento realizes he’s stuck in the backseat, he typically calmly lays in bed.

Moka, on the other hand, likes to harass whoever on the passenger seat..

Arrived in Venice!

Enjoying the breeze from the ocean.

We visited Muscle Beach, an outdoor gym on the beach.  It is arguably the most known part of Venice Beach.  Arnold Schwarzenegger used to work out there and helped to make it famous.  We also watched the skaters at the skate park.

The muscular pug has arrived at Muscle Beach!

Amazing!  This isn’t the optical illusion, he actually jumped over this girl!

Cool dude.

On the second day, we left the pugs sleeping in bed and went on a Segway tour.  They were still peacefully sleeping when we returned.  We woke them up for a little shopping on Abbot Kinney and cafe time.

The Segway tour in Venice was a lot of fun!  We wish our pugs could ride on this!

Our Segway tour guide took us to this beautiful place in Venice.

Shopping at Abbot Kinney.

Kento doing some window shopping.

At the nice cafe, “Deus Ex Machina”.

The day after, we went out with our friends and their German Shorthaired Pointer.  We started with getting take out from Umami Burger and heading to Redondo Beach for a picnic.  We then drove to Terranea Resort to hike and enjoy the scenery with the dogs.  This power spot was beautiful even on the cloudy day.

“Umami Burger”.  Pretty good!

Our friend’s dog, Luke (GSP).  He’s huge compared to our little pugs but he’s very cute 🙂

Kento and Luke cannot take their eyes off from our gorgeous burgers.  Moka is trying a different approach.

Moved onto Terranea Resort.

Kento, Moka and Luke at Terranea Cove.

It was a great vacation and we were happy that our friends opened up their home to our two stinky, snorty pugs.  Vacationing with Kento and Moka always beats worrying about them and missing them while we are away.

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