Day at PetFest 2013 Pt. 1

Day at PetFest 2013 Pt. 1

Yesterday, Antioch Animal Services and many other local animal rescue groups celebrated the love of animals and their people at PetFest 2013.

As the day kicked off, the plaza in front of the Antioch Animal Services’ building and parking lot began to bustle with sounds of people and animals alike.  Rescue groups set up booths around the plaza with brochures, donation jars, goods to sell, and of course animals looking for forever homes.  There were dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, rats, goats, and horses.

Pug Rescue of Sacramento filled out a double slot with a booth full of volunteers and a large x-pen with three playful, curly-tailed pugs.  The people volunteering with PROS lately are a new and lively group of 6 supporting the dedicated head of PROS and her husband.  We have really enjoyed being part of this group.

Special events played throughout the afternoon.  There were demos including detection skills and police K-9.  There were also contests: Best of Mutt, Largest/Smallest, Hairiest, Cutest Ugliest, and Fashion/Costume.

We had fun and apparently were a little too shutter obsessed.  We ended up with so many photos that we couldn’t skim them down to fit in one post.  We just wanted to share too many.  We will divide it into three posts… oh yes, we have that many.

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Pug Rescue of Sacramento:

This is Boston Blackie, P.I., available for adoption through PROS.  Check out his profile!

Meet Papa.  He is available for adoption through PROS.  Check out his profile!

Captain America a.k.a. Yankee Doodle, available for adoption through PROS.  Check out his profile!

Lots of dogs enjoyed the event 😀

“I think I will leave a nice tip for this day spa, although they may need a bigger tub.”

“Oh wait, I can make this work :D”

Other dog rescue groups:

K9 Paw Print Rescue:

Bad Rap Pit Bull Rescue:

Norcal Boxer Rescue:

Northern California Sled Dog Rescue:


We couldn’t get all of them but there were more dog rescue groups!

See more photos from this event on our second post:
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