Day at PetFest 2013 Pt. 3

Day at PetFest 2013 Pt. 3

In our third and final post about PetFest 2013, check out photos from the demos and pet contests. 

The demos showed an interesting dynamic between dog and trainer and an obvious love between them.  In Delta Dog Camp’s demo, trained dogs proudly demonstrated their detection skills by sniffing multiple bags and boxes for a specific hidden item.  The Antioch Police Department also did a K-9 demo, showing how their K-9’s can help protect officers and capture criminals.

There were also 6 pet contests.  Dogs, other animals, and their people walked the runway and gathered in front of the judges’ table for the Smallest Dog Contest, Largest Dog Contest, Hairiest Dog Contest, Cutest Ugliest Dog Contest, Animal Fashion/Costume Contest, and Best of Mutt Contest.  All contests were open for rescue animals and visiting owned animals, except Best of Mutt.  This contest was for rescue dogs only, regardless of breed.

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Detecting Skills Demo:

Police K-9 Demo:


Winner of Best Costume Contest, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Boston Blackie, P.I. from PROS joined the fashion contest, but the only thing he had to wear was his “Adopt Me” vest.  He still strutted the runway with pride!  Although he didn’t win.

Little Red Riding Hood

Captain America a.k.a. Yankee Doodle from PROS joined the Best of Mutt Contest.  He unfortunately did not win.

Winner of Best of Mutt Contest receiving the prize!

Boston Blackie is tired from the long day…

This was a fun event that helped rescue animals find forever homes.  Hopefully Antioch Animal Services will host this event again next year 🙂


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