Moka’s 7th Birthday

Moka's 7th Birthday

Two years ago on September 13, we brought a new perfectly smelly, almost toothless, un-potty trained bundle of furry joy home.  She wasn’t a puppy, but she was new to us, and loved all the same.  That’s right, we’re talking about our little rescue, Moka.  She came to us with little information and estimated to be 5 years old.  Without knowing her true birthday, we celebrate the day she joined our family as her birthday, Sept. 13.  After all, isn’t a birthday the first day you meet your family.

This past Friday Moka turned 7 (or somewhere around there).

We started the day with one of Moka’s favorite things, a romp through a local grassy field, then moved onto some treat shopping.  We picked out two new bags of treats for the pugs to try and when checking out, noticed a cute baked treat in a case with “Happy Birthday” written on it.  We told the clerk it was Moka’s birthday and that we wanted to add that to our purchase.  The man looked at our snorting girl, smiled, and gave it to us no charge.

When we got home, we pulled out the usual festive hats, but Moka was very impatient to eat her treat.  She stared at us with big eyes with an occasional sassy bark.  She, of course, got first bite, but was still disappointed to find out she had to share with her brother.

We haven’t opened the two new bags of treats yet, but when we do, we will do separate posts about our findings.

Can you believe this guy is 7?
(The wide lens I used makes him look so skinny!)

After spending time in the grass and buying treats, we went home and our usual ceremony started.

They look good!

She didn’t even try to shake it off.

“Feed it to me!  I’m ready!!!”

“Can I have it now?”

“That’s the stuff!  Bring it closer.”

Kento: “I think I can moonwalk in this thing.”
Moka: “Give me more treats!”

Sharing with Kento… not by Moka’s choice.

“It’s so tasty… I’m ready for the next bite!”

“The rest is mine!!!”

Finally, satisfied 😀


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