Tiki & Tootsie

Tiki & Tootsie

Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS) took two precious senior pugs into their care recently.  We spent time with them this weekend and they totally melted our hearts.  We just want to share these two with everyone and help find a new home for them.

Meet Tiki and Tootsie.  The adoption process is not new to these girls.  In fact, they came into PROS a few years ago and were adopted by a nice couple.  They were greatly loved by their adoptive family, but unfortunately due to a time consuming illness in the family, Tiki and Tootsie were brought back to PROS in hopes they could find a home that could spoil them more attentively.

They have been together since birth, are very attached to one another, and must stay together.  PROS is looking for a new forever home that can adopt both girls together or a long term retirement foster home.

They are active seniors, who love attention and still have quite a bit of friskiness.  They love cuddling with people and each other.  Tiki needs regular eye drops and Tootsie has some weakness in her back end due to a degenerated disk.  Because of this she has trouble using a doggy door and needs to be taken out every couple of hours to go potty.  She also prefers carpeting, over hard wood or tiled floor.

Senior dogs may need a little extra care, but are still rewarding, loving family members.  If you think you could provide a forever home for these girls or a long term retirement foster home, please contact Pug Rescue of Sacramento.

This is Tiki.  The spike of fur that comes down on her nose is so cute!

More shots of Tiki.

This is Tootsie.  Yes, her tongue is always out 😛

More shots of Tootsie.

Check out Tootsie’s tongue!

Typical sibling harassment 😉

[MOVIE]  “Tiki & Tootsie Love”

One of their favorite pastimes is grooming each other.


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