Custom Pug Clothes: Kento’s Flannel Long Sleeve Button-Up

Custom Pug Clothes: Kento's Flannel Long Sleeve Button-Up

Kento is looking like a handsome, snuggle monster in our newest shirt for our custom pug clothes line.  This flannel, long sleeve, button-up is perfect for Fall to Winter.  It truly has super-snuggle power, soft to the touch and warm, but still looks sharp.

Ever since Kento was a puppy, he has enjoyed a warm shirt or sweatshirt on a cold day.  In fact he nearly demands them on cold, night walks.  Hopefully, this will become one of his favorites.

Getting the model ready!

OK, let’s go for a walk!!

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2 Comments to "Custom Pug Clothes: Kento’s Flannel Long Sleeve Button-Up"

  1. Uriel Villavicencio says:

    I really like the blue flannel shirt the pug has. Where can I get one?

  2. ToughPug says:

    Hi Uriel,

    Thank you so much!
    We made this shirt ourselves. We are planning to open a small online shop, but as of now, we are not selling them.

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