Helen’s Surgery

Helen's Surgery

A couple weeks ago we posted about a poor blind puggy who was abandoned on the streets of Oakland with a horrible eye injury.  The pug rescue who took her in named her Helen.

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Helen went in for surgery last week to have her injured eye removed.  While under anesthesia, they also opened up her nares so she can breath easier and spayed her.  Luckily x-rays showed that she would not need surgery to remove rocks from her stomach as previously thought.  All procedures went clean and smooth and she is recovering quickly.  In fact, she has barely slowed down at all.

Life has really turned around for her since being found in pain and frightened on the streets.  She went from timid and unsure to a super snuggle monster and brave explorer.  Being blind does not seem to hold her back at all.  She is adapting and moving on with life.  She is amazing!

After her incisions heal, she will be ready for adoption.  We know she will make one lucky family very happy.  We will keep you posted.


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