Matti the Pug

Matti the Pug

We’ve all met those people who just have it all together.  They are beautiful with a great personality, fashion sense, and are even smart to boot.  The cool people.  The people we wish we could be.  Well, let us introduce you to one cool pug, Matti.

Matti has it all together.  She is an absolutely adorable pug with a personality to match.  She’s a true fashionista, always leaving the house in fancy dresses and stylized harnesses.  And she’s a deep thinker, tackling the world’s pressing questions like: “How much deeper would the ocean be if sponges didn’t grow in it?” or “Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?”  Well, at least these are some of the things she shares on her Facebook page to her thousands of followers.

Matti is living the good life now.  No one could tell that two years ago she was surrendered by her previous owners to Pug Rescue of Sacramento.  Before that, she spent the first year of her life locked up in a small pen with little human interaction.  She was very skinny, with protruding ribs.  But then, a new door opened.  In October 2012, she met her new family with a cautious wag of the tail and was soon an outgoing love bug with free run of the house and a full belly.

We recommend her Facebook page for all pug fans.  There are some great tips on there for keeping your pug looking good and feeling good.  Matti recently posted an important tip for walking on hot days.  “Some fans asks why I use stroller since I’m still young. Did you know the temperature of pavement and asphalt are hotter than air temperature? So, if the air temperature is 86 degrees, the pavement/asphalt is 135 degrees. To protect my baby soft paws, I use my stroller on very hot days!”  Have you thought about how hot pavement and asphalt can get on sunny days?  Don’t forget to protect their little piggies.

Check out her Facebook page:
» Matti the Pug

We love Matti and her rags to riches story.  Matti is one lucky pug, but as her mom said, “We are very lucky to have found her… Having Matti in our lives makes every day a joy.”  Rescue stories truly warm our hearts.

All photos used in this post are taken with permission from Matti’s Facebook page.
Thank you Matti’s Mom for sharing.

[Matti the Pug]


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