Furry Pet Fair & Maddie’s Pet Adoption Day

Furry Pet Fair & Maddie's a Adoption Day

On May 31st, John Baldwin Park in Concord was filled with the air of fun, love, and second chances as the Concord Senior Center and the Contra Costa Humane Society hosted the Furry Pet Fair.  The purpose of the event was to connect adoptable pets with new families, provide important information on pet care and training, and over all celebrate being responsible pet owners.  The park was lined with pop-up tents and booths of various local rescue groups, veterinary information, and vendors.  There was even a kissing booth where dogs gave out aggressive, sloppy kisses.  They also had events including a police k9 demo and a dog parade.

This year the event teamed up with Maddie’s Fund and became part of the nation’s largest no-cost animal adoption event, Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days.  Maddie’s Fund has an admirable mission to make this a no-kill nation and eradicate the practice of shelters euthanizing pets who have lost their homes.  This year, Maddie’s Adoption Days ran the weekend of May 31- June 1 with hundreds of shelters and rescue groups participating throughout 9 states, totaling in over 15,000 adoptions.  Maddie’s Fund picked up the tab for all adoptions, estimated to be about $10 million.

The last announcement we heard, the Furry Pet Fair celebrated 56 adoptions, surpassing their goal of 40.  This was a great success for a local event.

Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS) was one of the local rescue groups attending this event.  They brought seven oh-so-cute adoptable pugs of varying ages to greet event goers from a shaded x-pen.  Although PROS does not do on-the-spot adoptions, this event was a great chance to spread the news about pug rescue and take in applications for possible future adoptions.  PROS was also fundraising at this event, a necessity of any rescue group.  PROS takes in pugs regardless of health condition and makes it their mission to do whatever they can to nurse the pugs back to health physically and emotionally, no matter what the cost.  Currently they have some pugs pending some expensive surgeries.  Canine Campaign was at the event supporting PROS by selling t-shirts and tote bags and donating proceeds to PROS.  We here at toughpug.net also helped out by creating original decal stickers that were sold at the event, with proceeds benefiting the needy pugs.

Check out some of our photos from the event:

Great T-shirts from Canine Campaign!
They released some new designs!
Some of the profits benefit PROS 🙂

TOUGHPUG.NET created these decals to be sold at this event.
We were very excited to introduce them!
Some of the profits benefit PROS also.

This is Chica, available for adoption!
Check out her profile on PROS’ website: Chewy & Chica

This is Chewy.  He’s also available for adoption!
Check out his profile on PROS’ website: Chewy & Chica

Jesse, available for adoption!
Check out his profile on PROS’ website: Jesse

Another shot of Jesse.

Meet Dolly.  She will be available for adoption soon!
Check out her profile on PROS’ website: Dolly

Another shot of Dolly.  She loves the stroller 😀

This is Helen (on the right).  She’s adoption pending!
Read previous posts about her on TOUGHPUG.NET:
» Healing Helen (03/13/2014)
» Helen’s Surgery (03/28/2014)

Susie got adopted!! 😀 😀 😀

PROS’ biggest pug, not up for adoption.

Still not available for adoption.

Pugs getting ready for the parade 🙂

The group shot of people and animals who joined the parade!

Winners of raffles are being announced!!

Dolly is very tired at the end of the event…  Ready to go home and nap!

[Contra Costa Humane Society]
Website:  www.cchumane.org
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ContraCostaHumaneSociety

[Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days]
Website:  adopt.maddiesfund.org
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/MaddiesPetAdoptionDays
Twitter:  @maddiesadopt
Instagram:  @maddiesadopt

[Pug Rescue of Sacramento]
Website:  www.pugpros.org
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pug-Rescue-of-Sacramento…
Instagram:  @pugrescueofsacramento


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