Our Pugs’ Guide to Yosemite

Our Pugs' Guide to Yosemite

We took our pugs hiking at Yosemite National Park this weekend.  I use that term very loosely, hiking.  We did the kind of hiking our pugs love most, especially on hot days.  We drove from view point to view point along Tioga Pass with the AC blasting.  Kento slept loudly in the back seat, while Moka looked out the window as long as her eyes would stay open.  As soon as the car pulled over and stopped, they sprung into action and excitedly sniffed and peed on things as we took in the breath-taking scenery.

Enjoying the view at Olmsted Point.

“Did you see my amazing jump?  That gap was almost canyon size!”
Oh, is that why it took you a few minutes to get the courage?

Kento was really excited on this stop.  This is Tenaya Lake.

“Feels so good 😀 ”

“What?  You’re standing in the water and asking me to come?”

“I’m not sure about this… but I’m coming.”

“I’ve had enough!  I’m gonna stay here until you carry me back!”


Some scenery shots:

Olmsted Point

Tenaya Lake

Another shot

Tuolumne River


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