This past Saturday, July 19, 2014, the East Bay SPCA hosted their annual Adopt-a-thon at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.  Even though the event seemed smaller to us than past years, with a total 35 rescue groups and shelters in attendance, it was by all means still a large event.  Of course, Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS) was one of the 35.

Kento and Moka came along as we spent the day volunteering with PROS.  We sold our original decals with proceeds benefiting PROS and helped people fill out applications.  The booth was fairly active and popular.  Of course, the x-pen full of furry attention-seekers drew people in.  There were 9 pugs greeting passer-bys, posing for pictures, and begging for treats.  6 of these pugs were available for adoption, two were alumni’s (including Moka), and then there was Kento.

Let’s get to the important stuff, photos of squishy pugs:

Meet Sugar.  She is a super sweet 5-year-old girl who was being kept outside in a chicken coup at her old home until her owner surrendered her to PROS.  She is in great health and loving the indoor accommodates at her foster home.  She will be available for adoption soon.
Check out her profile on PROS’ website: Sugar

Another shot of Sugar.

This is Chewy.

This is Chica.

Chewy and Chica are 4-year-old bonded siblings looking for a home to share together.  Their owner, who was having health problems and could no longer take care of them, surrendered them to PROS.  Check out their profile on PROS’ website: Chewy & Chica

Another shot of Chewy.

Another shot of Chica.

Meet Regina.  We have had a special soft spot in our hearts for her since we first met her in November of last year.  She has been in PROS’ care since then.  This is actually her second stay with PROS.  She came in 3 years ago and was adopted out.  Unfortunately, the woman who adopted her passed away, leaving it in her will that Regina be returned to PROS to find another loving home.  She is an older pug, 9 years old, with limited vision, but she is otherwise in good health and oh-so-lovable.  We hope someone will be able to see in her what we see and will adopt her soon!!!  Please spread the word about her.
Check out her profile on PROS’ website: Regina

This is Oliver.  He was hit by a car and left at a shelter.  He fully recovered from those injuries without surgery, but later with a separate issue ended up needing to have one eye removed.  He is still just as happy-go-lucky as ever.  He is thought to be around 4 years old.
Check out his profile on PROS’ website: Oliver

Another shot of Oliver.

Newton is a lovable butterball, currently undergoing a diet plan.  He is 4 years old, and was taken in from a shelter.  He will be available for adoption soon.
Check out his profile on PROS’ website: Newton

Another shot of Newton.

Helen has been officially adopted!  Check out our past posts on our blog about her story.
» Healing Helen
» Helen’s Surgery

She came to support her fellow PROS’ pugs that are looking for new homes.

Our Moka being a very energetic volunteer.

Our Kento helping with decal sales at the table, sitting in the Dogger.

Our decals that we sold to help PROS.

New designs debuted at this event!

Canine Campaign was selling T-shirts and tote bags at the PROS’ booth with some of the proceeds benefiting PROS.

Check out their website: Canine Campaign
Even sales from their website helps PROS.

Some other cute animals at this event:

[East Bay SPCA]
Website:  www.eastbayspca.org
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/EBSPCA
Twitter:  @EastBaySPCA

[Pug Rescue of Sacramento]
Website:  www.pugpros.org
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pug-Rescue-of-Sacramento…
Instagram:  @pugrescueofsacramento

[Canine Campaign]
Website:  www.caninecampaign.org


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