Pugs in Commercials 2

Pugs in Commercials 2

In April, Hotels.com launched an ad campaign in Japan starring pugs.  We love these commercials, especially the songs.  In Japanese, to say “stay one night” is “ippaku” (1 paku), but in the song they are using a play on words, 1 paku (ippaku) becomes 1 pug (ippagu).  They then continue to count “pugs”: 1 pug (ippagu), 2 pug (nipagu), 3 pug (sanpagu)…  Check it out below.

Hotels.com TVCM [Welcome Rewards Version]

Hotels.com | Welcome Rewards Shibuya Version

10 pugs are walking down the street in Shibuya City, Tokyo!

Hotels.com | TVCM Making Of

Scenes from the making of.  Very cute 😀

Hotels.com | TVCM NG (Outtakes)

They even posted the outtakes!!

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HotelsComJapan YouTube:  www.youtube.com/user/HotelsComJapan


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