Dog Park

Dog Park
This is the diary of a wimpy pug going to the dog park.  He doesn’t stay wimpy for long as he quickly gains confidence and new friends and learns how small dogs can overcome the big dog world.  He even takes his kid sister under his wing and teaches her the ropes.

See the heartwarming story unfold below.

“Hello there.  Nice to meet you.”

“I’m thirsty!”


“Is this thing really a water bowl?”

“A little help here, please.”

“Oh that’s much easier, but is this the way the cool dogs do it??”

Let’s see how it should be done…

“Oh yeah…”

“Oh I get it.  I’m part of the cool group now!”

“That’s it!  Doing great Moka!  Now stand on your tippy-toes and stretch out your tongue a little more!”

“See how cool she is??”


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