Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day.  Honestly, everyday is dog day around here.  They live the life I dream of.  They never have to cook, but get fed plenty every morning and every night, as well as treats in between.  They never have to clean.  Oh no, because that’s my job to follow them around with a vacuum in a constant battle with fur.  They take long naps whenever and wherever they want.  They get chauffeured around from pug play dates and dog parks.  They live the good life and we enjoy giving it to them.

Ever wonder about all these special, seemingly random “appreciation” days.  For example, there is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Does that really need to be a thing?  Everyday seems to be “Something Appreciation” Day, or “Something Awareness” Day, or a “Do this” Day.  It is silly and often gets ignored.  So why is there National Dog Day?  Because dogs are awesome and deserve it.  And according to nationaldogday.com, it was founded to help remind people of all the dogs out there that need a home, and to appreciate all that dogs do for us personally and in society, like police and search and rescue dogs.

What did you do for your dog on National Dog Day?  We took Kento and Moka on one of their favorite walks.  We took our time and let them stop and pee on every bush and run through the grass.  We let Moka ride in the Dogger and feel the breeze in her ears.  It was an everyday-spoil-the-pugs-because-that’s-our-life-National-Dog-Day.


Some random photos from our walk:

[National Dog Day]
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