Moka’s 8th Birthday Pt. 2

Moka's 8th Birthday

Here are some photos of treats we got for Moka’s birthday, and Kento & Moka enjoying them!
All treats are from Three Dog Bakery in Sonoma, CA.

“Pupcakes” & “Collie Cannoli”

“Pug in a Blanket”

“Bailey’s Lick ‘n Crunch” & “Whine Bottle”

“Mmmm…  Come closer!”

“I can’t wait!!  Going for it!”

After Moka enjoyed a big bite, we cut it in half 😀

Kento’s turn 😀

Collie Cannoli!!

“I can’t wait!  Yes, again!!”

“You can let it go…!!”

And Kento’s turn!  Of course they share everything 😀

Moka and Kento are enjoying these birthday treats slowly everyday.


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