Bay Area Pet Expo 2015

Bay Area Pet Expo 2015

Once again, the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds became an animal palooza as the annual Bay Area Pet Expo took place on Saturday, January 17.  As always, this event was a must see for animal lovers.  The event was free and pets of course were welcome.  There were many rescue groups present as well as tons of other vendors.  Discounted vaccines, microchipping, and heartworm/flee preventatives were offered as well as free nail trims.  Demonstrations and contests ran throughout the day.  And the guys from Animal Planet’s show, “Tanked”, were there drawing crowds for photos and autographs.

While dogs of all kinds strutted the aisles like they owned the place, they were by far not the only animals present.  There was an impressive variety.  Of course many domestic cats were there including some less commonly seen: an African Serval and Toygers (cats bred to look like toy tigers).  We also saw Coatimundi, Porcupines, Chinchillas, Pigeons, Rats, Alligators, Snakes and more.

Dogs and their owners playing the musical chairs together!

Chinchillas are so cute!!!

Bath time on the stage!

Serval Cat!  He looks amazing!!

He also had a very energetic show on the stage 😀

The day turned into a mega adoption event as many rescue groups and shelters helped families grow.  Pug Rescue of Sacramento was there with three available pugs.  Two of which met their new families at this event and are already settling into their new homes.

Meet Velvet.  She captured not only this princess bed for napping through the entire event, but also captured the hearts of a sweet family who immediately knew they wanted to adopt her.  Even though PROS does not do same day adoptions, and Velvet could not go home with them right away, the family couldn’t wait to spoiler her and bought her a cute, warm dress from another booth.

Another shot of Velvet 😀

This is Remy.  He also met his new family at this event.  The way the tip of his pink little tongue constantly draped over his bottom lip was absolutely adorable.

Another shot of Remy 😀

Wheels was popular at the event as well, although he is still looking for a forever home.  He is believed to be around 3 years old.  He was found in a canal covered in algae.  He has a neurological disorder which makes his rear legs a little clumsy.  He doesn’t let it slow him down much.  It all just adds to his incredible charm!

Wheels being loved by everyone 😀

While PROS only had three pugs with them at this event, they have many more looking for forever homes that couldn’t make it to the event.  You can find their profiles on their website:

T-shirts and tote bags from Canine Campaign!

And our decals 🙂

There were many cute friends visiting PROS’ booth!

The overall event seemed to be a success with quite a crowd.  It did not disappoint.  We already look forward to it next year.

[Bay Area Pet Expo]

[PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento)]


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