Fun at Bowling for Pugs 2015

Fun at Bowling for Pugs 2015

This Saturday a small crowd of pug people, many wearing their best pug gear, velcro-ed up their shoes and bowled to raise money for needy pugs.  Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS) hosted this fundraiser for the first time this year with plans of making it an annual event.  It certainly was a blast and a success for PROS.

Granada Bowl in Livermore, CA, was the venue.  It could not have been a better place.  It was clean and the staff was friendly and very helpful.  Employees helped set up and break down for the event and even donated toward the cause.

PROS reserved a block of lanes for two hours of bowling and a party room.  The party room had vendors selling pug themed tote bags, dog themed decal stickers (yup, that was us 😀 ), pet insurance, and jewelry.  There was also a raffle for a $100 MasterCard gift card.

While medals and prizes where awarded to the top three highest scores for adults and the top three highest scores for kids, people played for fun.  People caught up with old friends and met new friends over yummy pizza and fries in between frames.  They joked and cheered for each other.  Overall the atmosphere was good, clean family fun.

Until next year, check out some photos:

Our decals!

Tote bags from Canine Campaign

New versions with rhinestones!

These are awesome 😀

They made the “Bowling for Pugs” edition!

Beautiful jewelry from
If you put the code “JACK” at the check out, they will donate to PROS!
Jack is the name of the pug the owner adopted from PROS 😀

PROS’ alumni, Betty (formerly Moxie) joined this event!  She was so cute!!
Of course she had lots of attention at this event!

Medals for winners for kids’ division.

For adults’ division.

Event-goers had lots of fun!!!

We missed a chance to take all winners but here are 2 of the winners from adults’ division.

Can’t wait for the next time!!

[PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento)]

[Granada Bowl]
Address:  1620 Railroad Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550
Phone:  925-447-5600



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