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César Chávez Park

César Chávez Park is always a nice day trip with the pugs.  It has an on-leash shoreline path with pretty views, great bird watching, and curious ground squirrels that watch you.  The center of the park is an off-leash area full of grassy hills and playful dogs of all shapes and sizes.  We introduced this place in an earlier post.

Read more about it in that post: César Chávez Park

After a stroll through the center of the off-leash area, we made our way to a bench on the shore, where the pugs had a mini picnic.  They gulped down the treats quickly and excitedly.  We then walked the shoreline path back to the car, where the pugs demanded picnic 2.0.  I guess it was more like tailgating since they snacked while sitting in the back of our car.

Check out some photos:

Yup, her whole face in the grass.  Pug style.

Lots of dogs playing together here!

She looks so happy 😀

And lots of ground squirrels!

They’re so cute!!

Picnic 1.0!



“Got it!!”

“Yes, please.”

“That one, too.”

“Nom nom nom…”

“That one, too…..”

Back to our car…  Picnic 2.0!!

This is how Kento sits in the back of our car 😀

César Chávez Park is a great place to hang out with our pugs!
We’ll be back again soon!

[César Chávez Park, Berkeley, CA]
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