Happy Easter 2015!

Happy Easter 2015!

Last night while Kento and Moka snorted and squeaked in deep sleep, the Easter Bunny came and went unnoticed, but left behind a basket of goodies for the completely oblivious watch dogs.  In the morning, the pugs discovered the basket and it smelled mysteriously of peanut butter.  But the basket was only filled with colorful plastic eggs.  The sniffing became frantic.  Where was this smell coming from?  Little did they know the treasure that lay inside, gluten-free peanut butter treats.  We heard the Easter Bunny used this recipe: Peanut Butter Home-baked Treats (Posted on 07/22/2013).

Kento, that’s not a real carrot!

Can you smile, Moka?

Look at the cute shapes we made… oh, um, the Easter Bunny made.
(Hand cut and imprinted with a toothpick.)

Happy Easter!!

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