If a Pug Could Write to Mom…

If a Pug Could Write to Mom...

If a Pug Could Write to Mom on Mother’s Day…

“Dear Mom,

Remember when I was a puppy and chewed on the coffee table, every chance I could, when you weren’t looking?  I had my favorite corner, but I chewed on all the corners just to be fair.  You kept telling me, ‘No!’, but I did it anyways.  Sorry.  But one day for some reason, I just stopped and never did it again.  You’re welcome.


Remember when you bought those new soft couch pillows?  You must have temporarily lost your mind, because you told me you wanted to keep them nice and clean.  Then, about an hour later, I ‘fluffed’ them with my nails and wiped eye boogers all over them.  Now I sit on them everyday.  I’m sorry I never thanked you for my new pillows.


Remember when I was napping on your bed and started having that really exciting dream?  I started squeaking and kicking my legs.  You thought it was really cute… until I accidentally peed.  I woke up in the middle, but kept peeing anyways.  You weren’t happy.  You grumbled about having just washed the bedding.  I really am sorry about that.


Remember when you were working on that really important project on your laptop?  I walked by and my tail got hooked on the wire.  The wire just popped right out, the laptop went black, and you lost some of the unsaved data.  I just kept walking like nothing happened while you freaked out.  I’m sorry your laptop was old and didn’t hold a charge anymore.


Remember when you did some new planting in the backyard and I supervised?  But then I pooped on one of the new little plants and celebrated by kicking my back legs out.  I ripped off most of the leaves.  Your face got a little scary.  I’m almost sorry about that, but honestly I’d probably do it again.


Remember when you were using the sewing machine and I was sleeping under the table?  You were working on a detailed spot and trying to go slow until I rolled over onto the pedal.  The machine sped up and shot a line of stitching out across the fabric.  I’m sorry I can’t be under the table when you sew anymore.


Remember when you were sitting next to me on the couch checking Facebook with your phone?  I wanted to sit on your lap at the same time you were checking new friend requests.  I stepped on your phone and accepted a friend request from someone you didn’t really like.  You removed her, but the next time you saw her, she asked why you unfriended her right away.  I’m sorry your phone was in my way.


Remember when you just took that fresh load of clean laundry out of the dryer?  I sat in it, getting it all furry.  Wait… I still do that.  I’m not sorry.

The truth is, I’m really lucky to have a Mom like you who still lets me sit on the couch, who still lets me sleep on her bed, who knows how to use tape to keep her laptop wire from coming out, who bought sturdier plants, who still sews clothes for me, who loves snuggling with me on the couch, who provides a somewhat constant supply of fresh laundry to nap in, and who never stops loving me.

Happy Mother’s Day!!”


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