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Gotcha Day!

Moka has been part of our family for 5 years!!!  And we have loved every minute of it.  This past Tuesday was her gotcha day.  Since we don’t know when her actually birthday is, we celebrate her gotcha day as … Read More »

Kento Turned 10!

Well, hello again!  We wondered off and got lost, but we found our way back just in time for Kento’s birthday.  We’re sorry to have left you for so long. Kento turned 10 today!  People get laugh lines as they … Read More »

Back to César Chávez Park

César Chávez Park is always a nice day trip with the pugs.  It has an on-leash shoreline path with pretty views, great bird watching, and curious ground squirrels that watch you.  The center of the park is an off-leash area … Read More »

Mare Island

The pugs were getting stir crazy and we wanted to get them out of the house for a couple hours.  We took them to Mare Island in Vallejo, CA.  Mare Island may not have the best scenery, the views are … Read More »

Special Guest at the Cafe

Walking and relaxing coffee time with our pugs 😀 And we had a very cute special guest at the cafe!

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween!!  We hope everyone had a great Halloween with your family & friends!

Cafe Time

What makes relaxing mid-week cafe time better?  These goofballs.  Just add a little pug and everything gets better 🙂

Moka Talking in Her Sleep

Have you ever experienced a peaceful morning where the sun is sparkling through the curtains, birds are cheerfully chirping outside and you just wake up feeling fully refreshed?  It’s like a perfect zen moment.  Well, here is how zen mornings … Read More »

Moka’s 8th Birthday Pt. 2

Here are some photos of treats we got for Moka’s birthday, and Kento & Moka enjoying them! All treats are from Three Dog Bakery in Sonoma, CA.

Moka’s 8th Birthday Pt. 1

Wait, has it really been three years?  Saturday was the anniversary of the day we adopted Moka and the day we celebrate as her birthday.  She has been part of our family for three years, an amount of time that … Read More »