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Happy National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day.  Honestly, everyday is dog day around here.  They live the life I dream of.  They never have to cook, but get fed plenty every morning and every night, as well as treats in between. 

Dog Park

This is the diary of a wimpy pug going to the dog park.  He doesn’t stay wimpy for long as he quickly gains confidence and new friends and learns how small dogs can overcome the big dog world.  He even … Read More »

Kento’s 8th Birthday

And so another year goes by.  Kento turned 8 today. He started the day off like any other day, drooling on my pillow.  He must still be tired from Yosemite, because he was slow to wake.  We rubbed his tummy … Read More »

Our Pugs’ Guide to Yosemite

We took our pugs hiking at Yosemite National Park this weekend.  I use that term very loosely, hiking. 

Why There?

Why did she decide this is a good spot to take a nap??

Treats to Go Crazy for

We took the pugs for a picnic in the park.  There we unveiled a new treat and the pugs found a new level of crazy.  Thinkers Smart Dog Snacks Pacific Salmon Sticks are a bit stinky, but apparently very tasty.  … Read More »

How to Sit in Style on a Dog Bed

Kento and Moka guide you through the latest trends in how to sit on a dog bed 😀

Morning Walk

Photos from our windy & cold morning walk 😀

Day Trip to Bodega Bay

Before the rain finally hit Northern California, we took a day trip to Bodega Bay.  The weather was beautiful and the pugs were excited to be out of the house on an adventure.

Did I Order This?

I don’t remember ordering this online, and yet after I thought I emptied out all the items from the box, I found one more thing.  I think I’ll keep it!