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Matti the Pug

We’ve all met those people who just have it all together.  They are beautiful with a great personality, fashion sense, and are even smart to boot.  The cool people.  The people we wish we could be.  Well, let us introduce … Read More »

How to Sit in Style on a Dog Bed

Kento and Moka guide you through the latest trends in how to sit on a dog bed 😀

Did I Order This?

I don’t remember ordering this online, and yet after I thought I emptied out all the items from the box, I found one more thing.  I think I’ll keep it!

Pug Celebrates Turning 20

Meet Mandi.  She sat as queen of the party at Pug Sunday in San Francisco on Apr. 7, 2013.

Pug Sleeping Patterns: Bed

Pugs love to snuggle and sleep with their humans.  It sounds heartwarming and peaceful, doesn’t it?  Imagine a soft, warm cuddle buddy wrapped gently in your arms as your eyes close with the day.  Now, pop that dream bubble and … Read More »

Shake It!

The wet pug shake gets lips, ears, and wrinkles flying.  It also brings out crazy eyes and crooked teeth.  We love these action shots!

Pug Modesty

Pugs are a prideful breed full of dignity and modesty. They always make sure to sit prim and proper.

Pug Stalkers

Sometimes we get the feeling we are being watched…

Parked and Recharging

Pugs have a parking/recharging ritual which is commonly practiced at all moments the pug is not in motion.  The position does not always appear comfortable to onlooking eyes, but nevertheless, the chin rest is classic pug mode of operation.

Rainy Day Pugs

It is always a little sad when our pugs get all excited about going for a walk and we open the door to a rainy day.  They immediately stop dead in their tracks and their hopeful faces dishearten into droopy … Read More »