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Gotcha Day!

Moka has been part of our family for 5 years!!!  And we have loved every minute of it.  This past Tuesday was her gotcha day.  Since we don’t know when her actually birthday is, we celebrate her gotcha day as … Read More »

Peanut Butter and Banana Treats

Here is the recipe for the Peanut Butter and Banana Treats we made for Kento’s birthday!

Treats to Go Crazy for

We took the pugs for a picnic in the park.  There we unveiled a new treat and the pugs found a new level of crazy.  Thinkers Smart Dog Snacks Pacific Salmon Sticks are a bit stinky, but apparently very tasty.  … Read More »

Soft Healthy Treats

We were looking for a quality soft treat for Moka, specifically something small that would not do damage to her gums, but made with natural ingredients with limited grains.  Zuke’s Mini Naturals were recommended to us, so we gave them … Read More »

Do Pugs Taste Food?

I’m quite certain our pugs do not use their taste buds or even their teeth for that matter.

Fart Busters Update

We bought the dog treats “Fart Busters” 3 weeks ago and have been giving them to our pugs to help with that certain issue which occasionally comes up between us, especially with Moka.

What’s That Aroma?

Moka is a sweet, dainty girl.  She is polite and reserved, hates mud, and appreciates the finer things in life, like fluffy couch cushions.  However, every lady has a dark side, in Moka’s case, a silent, dark side.  Yes, despite … Read More »