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Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!  We’ve entered 2015, the year of the sheep… and Kento’s entered a new stage of fluffiness.  At least that is what we were going for on our New Year’s card, as we attempted to draw Kento dressed … Read More »

Bah Hum Pug Socks

Get festive… or not… with these “Bah Hum Pug” socks!  Found these at our local Target and had to share.

Pug Undies

For the true pug enthusiast, the love of pugs runs to the very base core… of the wardrobe.  That’s right, we’re talking about pug themed underwear, again.

2014 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  We are looking forward to another year full of pug antics here on our blog and everyday life.  Thank you to all who visited our blog last year.  We hope you continue to follow us into the … Read More »

Canine Campaign

“Lilly’s former owners were moving and couldn’t take her with them.  We adopted her, and she has moved us ever since,” reads a handwritten tag pinned to a crisp, new Canine Campaign t-shirt.  Canine Campaign is a new company based … Read More »

Pug Sleeping Patterns: Bed

Pugs love to snuggle and sleep with their humans.  It sounds heartwarming and peaceful, doesn’t it?  Imagine a soft, warm cuddle buddy wrapped gently in your arms as your eyes close with the day.  Now, pop that dream bubble and … Read More »

Black Pug Stationery

We found these note cards at a gift shop in San Francisco and were excited to see black pugs represented instead of only fawn.  Since it is not as common to find black pug goods, we had to buy them!

Mr. Pug Trunk

We went to Urban Outfitters, found these and had to buy them.

ToughPug Stamp

We visited Japan last month and while we were there, we special ordered a custom stamp with our original TOUGHPUG logo!