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Mare Island

The pugs were getting stir crazy and we wanted to get them out of the house for a couple hours.  We took them to Mare Island in Vallejo, CA.  Mare Island may not have the best scenery, the views are … Read More »

Special Guest at the Cafe

Walking and relaxing coffee time with our pugs 😀 And we had a very cute special guest at the cafe!

Happy National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day.  Honestly, everyday is dog day around here.  They live the life I dream of.  They never have to cook, but get fed plenty every morning and every night, as well as treats in between. 

Matti the Pug

We’ve all met those people who just have it all together.  They are beautiful with a great personality, fashion sense, and are even smart to boot.  The cool people.  The people we wish we could be.  Well, let us introduce … Read More »

Day Trip to Bodega Bay

Before the rain finally hit Northern California, we took a day trip to Bodega Bay.  The weather was beautiful and the pugs were excited to be out of the house on an adventure.

July 4th

We celebrated the 4th of July in the most traditional of ways, a barbecue followed by fireworks.  Of course, we shared the celebrations with our pugs.  Fortunately, our pugs are not frightened by fireworks.

Hiking with the Dogger

Our pugs are not sporty.  They cannot handle long walks or hikes.  So we got the Dogger™ dog stroller to help our pugs along and tried it out for a hike in the Diablo Foothills.

Dog Stroller, “Dogger”

According to some people, we may have gone overboard, but why would we care.  We ordered a stroller for our pugs and it came in the mail today!  After researching quite a bit online, one stroller stood out to us, … Read More »