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Peanut Butter Home-baked Treats

Here is the recipe for the treats we made for Kento’s birthday.  Kento and Moka loved them.  It is very gratifying to see how a few minutes baking in the kitchen can result in such an obvious enjoyment.

Kento’s 7th Birthday

We can’t believe it.  Time flies.  It seems like not too long ago we brought home a 6 month old puppy and now, with a greying chin, our boy is turning 7.

Day at Yard Sale

Pug Rescue of Sacramento held a yard sale today to raise funds for medical expenses.

Apple Cheddar Home-baked Treats

Kento, like many pugs, has food allergies, so we must be careful with what food/treats we feed him.  We decided to try out home-baked treats.

Treats from Japan

A friend visited from Japan and brought our pugs a souvenir.  It was their favorite kind of gift… treats.  The flavors were very uniquely Japanese: natto (fermented soy beans) and Japanese sweet potato.

Merry Christmas

Our pugs still believe in the magic of Christmas.  When else, but a magical day, are they allowed and encouraged to tear open things wrapped in paper and eat what’s inside?

Distracted by the Falling Snow

As we posted before, Kento will do anything for treats… except catch them. (See our earlier post: » Cannot Catch)

Fart Busters Update

We bought the dog treats “Fart Busters” 3 weeks ago and have been giving them to our pugs to help with that certain issue which occasionally comes up between us, especially with Moka.

Are Pugs Easy to Train?

Let’s put it this way, they are easy to bribe.  Pugs as a breed can be quite stubborn, but with proper “motivation”, most pugs will listen to commands and learn tricks relatively quickly.

What’s That Aroma?

Moka is a sweet, dainty girl.  She is polite and reserved, hates mud, and appreciates the finer things in life, like fluffy couch cushions.  However, every lady has a dark side, in Moka’s case, a silent, dark side.  Yes, despite … Read More »