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Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon 2014

At the Marin Center on Sunday afternoon, we sat surrounded by animals of all kind and the people that love them, when a voice came over the loud speaker, “We are happy to announce 489 adoptions have been made so … Read More »

Dog Park

This is the diary of a wimpy pug going to the dog park.  He doesn’t stay wimpy for long as he quickly gains confidence and new friends and learns how small dogs can overcome the big dog world.  He even … Read More »

Day Trip to Bodega Bay

Before the rain finally hit Northern California, we took a day trip to Bodega Bay.  The weather was beautiful and the pugs were excited to be out of the house on an adventure.

Splash Dogs at Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon

Check out some photos from the Splash Dogs Dock Jumping Contest at the Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon last weekend!

Fun at Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon

Hundreds of animals were adopted at the Bay Area Pet Fair & Adoptathon last weekend in San Rafael.

Hiking with the Dogger

Our pugs are not sporty.  They cannot handle long walks or hikes.  So we got the Dogger™ dog stroller to help our pugs along and tried it out for a hike in the Diablo Foothills.

Castle Rock and Diablo Foothills Regional Park

Diablo Foothills Regional Park offers beautiful views of gigantic sandstone structures, rolling grassy hills, oak groves, and Mount Diablo.  The park totals more than 1,000 acres and contains a network of trails linked to Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area, Mount … Read More »

Shake It!

The wet pug shake gets lips, ears, and wrinkles flying.  It also brings out crazy eyes and crooked teeth.  We love these action shots!

Scenes from Bay Area Pet Expo 2013

Video from Bite Work Demo by California K9 Solutions and Splash Dogs’ Pool at Bay Area Pet Expo 2013 at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on 01/12/2013.

A Day at the Bay Area Pet Expo

Dogs of all shapes and sizes walked amongst crowds of people at the Bay Area Pet Expo today.